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          Co2 Laser Power Supplies ( 100 watts )

          Co2 Laser Power Supplies ( 100 watts )

          100 watts Laser Power Supply belongs to high frequency design, adopt high quality IC parts for main parts to keep high performance and duration. 100 W laser power supplies can be used to 100W – 130W CO2 laser tube for kinds of industrial laser cutting system.  


          1. The main features of the 100 laser power supply:


          * Stable performance:

          Each power supply have been much more rigorous testing procedures, under full load high temperature (52~55 degrees celsius) 24 hours of aging, to ensure the stability of each power supply.

          * Output voltage, current large (AC220V input, the maximum output current up to 40mA, voltage up to 50kv)

          * Improve the laser power: 2000mm laser tube and supporting the use of peak laser power can reach 150W, the average power of 130W.

          * Circuit design is reasonable,Is a high-end laser engraving machine, cutting machine the best choice. At the same time, significantly extending the life of the laser tube.

          * Good compatibility:

          Can adapt to a number of manufacturers of CO2 laser tube, but also has strong adaptability and fast response, engraving, cutting effect of a good advantage.

          * Control is simple::

          Select high or low level control, the use of TTL-level control of the laser can start and stop. At the same time increase the protection switch, testing is through the external water and ventilation.

          Laser power control is simple, you can use 0 ~ 5V analog signal control the size of the laser power, you can also use the PWM (pulse width modulation) signal to be controlled.* Protection function:

          Power supply itself has open circuit protection, a good grounding in the case of protection, the power supply to short-term work in the open state, so to avoid the laser tube burst due to the damage caused by laser power supply, thereby enhancing the laser power supply of life.

          * Special Features: (optional addition)

          Power users do not need to open the shell, you can simply determine the laser power is working to distinguish between the failure of laser tube or power supply failure.


          2. Specifications:




          100W Laser power supply


          Input Voltage

          AC220V±10% (Need  AC110V products, ordering need indicate)

          AC frequency

          47 - 440HZ

          Cold-state Surge Current

          ≤60A(AC220V input)

          ≤30A(AC110V input)

          Leakage current

          ≤0.7mA(AC220V input) ≤0.4mA(AC110V input)


          Maximum output voltage



          Maximum output current

          DC40mA(depending on the laser tubes of different manufacturers)


          ≥90%( Full load)

          Response speed

          ≤ 1ms

          Control Interface

          TTL multilevel switching control, effective level can be high and low selection (see control wiring diagram)




          AC 1500V 1 minutes ≤10 mA


          AC 1500V 1 minutes ≤10 mA



          Insulation Resistance




          Working temperature

          -10℃ - 50℃

          Storage of temperature


          -20℃ - 75℃

          Relative Humidity

          Maximum 85% RH (non-condensing)




          100,000 feet of work 200,000 feet of storage, does not work

          Cooling methods

          Forced air cooling (fan cooling)


          Dimensions (L*W*H)